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Arizona Association of Emergency Managers (AzEM) would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors who graciously supported our 2023 conference.

BOLDplanning, Everbridge, Ready America, Guardian Air and Arizona Public Service (APS) joined emergency management professionals from around the state in the first conference since 2019! Without their support we would not have been able to host such an amazing event. The speakers, presentations and conversations were invaluable to all of the 100+ attendees.

AzEM is already looking forward to our next event in 2024 and hope that these sponsors will be there to join us again!!

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The Arizona Association of Emergency Managers (AzEM)

The ARIZONA ASSOCIATION OF EMERGENCY MANAGERS (AzEM) is a professional organization dedicated to providing leadership and expertise in all fields of emergency services. AzEM works to serve as a resource for emergency service providers by distributing information, and improving emergency service management through collaboration and partnerships.

AzEM is dedicated to providing support, and expertise, to all emergency service professionals at various levels of government and the private sector so that comprehensive emergency practices can be utilized to reduce the threats to our communities and keep our citizens safe.

AzEM is a community of professionals comprised of Firefighters, Emergency Management Professionals, Law Enforcement, Safety Officials, Homeland Security personnel, Emergency Medical Services personnel, Business leaders, Non-Profit Organizations, and many other professionals dedicated to keeping our community and citizens safe! If you are a dedicated Emergency Service Professional, then you need to belong to AzEM.


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